Docked for Christmas

For Southern Californians, the scene below may initially look like a nighttime view of Disney California Adventure's Pacific Wharf, because it has a similar Monterey waterfront vibe that inspired DCA's land.  But it's actually one neighborhood in Tokyo Disney Sea's sprawling American Waterfront, which encompasses New York, New England, and Northern California seaside zones.  The more industrial docks here may not be quite as immediately photogenic as its two neighbors, but I think there's still a serene beauty here nonetheless, especially when accented by the red, white, and green Christmas light colors that string along the guardrails and ships and even the little shack.  The pops of vibrance make this scene cozy and inviting--which is a big contrast to the actual near-freezing wind chill conditions of the night I actually took this photo!

The industrial docks in this sector of the American Waterfront still carry a lovely Christmas ambiance!


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