Gardens of Holiday Illumination

One of the basic tenets of photographic composition is the use of leading lines, which are elements in a photo that guide the viewer's eye along the photo from one section to another, creating visual interest and keeping the viewer engaged.  These can be straight lines similar to a perspective, or they can be curving elements that flow from an edge to a subject.  The photo below features the railing along the water leading the Fantasia Carousel, which then leads the eyes toward the Christmas tree and Enchanted Storybook Castle beyond.  This visual layering (another photo composition concept--use of foreground, middleground, and background) also helps retain attention to the photo, giving it depth and making it feel more immersive.  The only thing about this composition I wish was a little better was less empty space on the bottom right quadrant, but that's just how this part of the park lays out, so you take what you can get!

A luminous nighttime holiday scene at the Gardens of Imagination.


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