¡Lluvia Navidad!

Most of the time, when I photograph this arched entryway into the Boardwalk Restaurant area next to Goofy's Sky School, I am usually facing inward, looking toward Paradise Garden Grill.  But during a rainy evening trip near the end of last year, I found myself looking out toward the rest of Paradise Park.  Realizing that there as a cool composition to be had--especially with the slick pavement and low angle, I set up my camera basically right on the ground and snapped an exposure with no one in the foreground.  The resulting angle drives some not-quite-leading lines upward but also add a dynamic sense to the scene that wouldn't otherwise be there if this was a pedestrian-height, head-on shot straight forward.  Sometimes, that simple change in perspective makes all the difference!

A slick evening doesn't exactly drive away crowds from Paradise Park!


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