A Moonlit Thunder Mountain

This is the longest exposure I have ever taken--a whopping ten minute two second exposure that had to be that long because I intentionally dropped my aperture down low to attain a very extended depth of field and maintain as much sharpness as I could.  The resulting photo showcases the sky almost as though it was daytime, with shimmering blue and violet hues not visible to the human eye during this time of the night.  The moon trying to peak over that outcropping of rock creates a luminous glow, adding to the surreal scene, and the subtle purples of the lighting near the water are emphasized in this extra-extended opening of the shutter.

An ultra-long exposure of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad exposes vibrant color.
I originally was trying to capture a scene long enough to actually capture some star trails.  In the full resolution version of this photo that I have, at 100%, those trails can actually be seen... faintly. But alas, with all the light pollution in Southern California, those few stars that were visible were simply not bright enough to produce any significant lines of light on camera.  Oh well--it would have been a really cool shot, but I'm thinking I won't ever really be able to get such a shot unless all of Orange County suffered a blackout midway through my shot--and I was somehow still allowed to remain inside Disneyland Park!


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