Twilight at the Twain

There's a nifty little overlook near Big Thunder Mountain that offers nice glimpses of the Rivers of America.  Just north of Frontier Landing, beyond where the old McDonalds Fry Cart used to be years ago (that description is for the old time Disneyland fans), across near the exit of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, there's an opening in the trees that frames views that give a sense of emergence out of the wilderness. 

When I found myself upon this scene, I imagined the feeling that Huckleberry Finn might have felt when he came upon the mighty Mississippi River in that great novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by one of America's finest authors, Mark Twain.  What wonder and delight it would be to find a grand steamship, docked along a majestic river, with twinkling lights of the big city just beyond!  What adventures beckoned in that scene?

It might seem strange for this thought to occur, given that the only connection between what I described and Disneyland is the author and his namesake boat, but that's the great thing about the Magic Kingdom--it's so evocative and imprinted with memories that something like this can trigger a fond childhood memory about reading a book and being transported away to another era.  And isn't that what Disneyland does best?

The Mark Twain at dock in the twilight of the Rivers of America.


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