Paradise Blue

This is a continuation of my Paradise Pier Skies series, which is one of the rare times I've been at the Disneyland Resort during a spectacular sunset condition.  Well, move forward about fifteen or thirty minutes after the photo in the previous blog post, and we come upon blue hour. 

Blue hour is the time of day after the sun has set where the sky is darkening but hasn't completely lost its daytime hue.  It's a pleasant gift delivered by the atmosphere after the dreary block of time where the skies are gray after sunset and the lighting is, from a photographer's point of view, depressing and generally horrible.  This, in turn, is a tremendous contrast from the warm beauty of golden hour--a term I've tossed around numerous times before.  So ultimately, it's kind of fascinating (to me at least) to see how the light of day can change so dramatically within a short period of time.  From the hour before sunset to just after sunset to the trailing edge of dusk, the atmosphere in one same location can go from "Ahhh" to "Blahhh" to "Ahhh" again--but in a different way!

Blue hour descends on Paradise Bay!
Do you like blue hour over golden hour? Or perhaps proper nighttime?  Share your thoughts in the comment box!


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