The Spirits of Phantom Canyon

Phantom Manor, at Disneyland Paris, is a much darker and more twisted take on the Haunted Mansion series compared to the rest of the Disney properties. But this is what sets the attraction apart and why I like it more than the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions that I have experienced. 

The climax of the ride comes when the ride ventures out into Phantom Canyon, a supernatural version of Thunder Mesa full of macabre spirits set in a haunted Wild West environment.  Like the rest of the Haunted Mansions, there is a bit of a facetious spirit here, but it's still noticeably more sinister than the Grim Grinning Ghosts elsewhere.  Still, it's a fantastic ambiance, visually, and though this ride is exceptionally difficult to photograph (especially since I'm not as familiar with it), I did manage to get a few decent shots from this part of Phantom Manor!

A decapitated mayor welcomes guests and ghouls into Phantom Canyon.

Alcoholic apparitions hang out around the watering hole.

Music is complementary, as is a corpse-y candelabra.

Fancy some spirits from a spirit?


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