Welcome to Phantom Manor

We continue our ghostly month across the ocean to France, where Phantom Manor resides.  The darkest but most spectacular Haunted Mansion type attraction across the Disney parks (in my opinion--I exclude Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor because it's not quite about Grim Grinning Ghosts), Phantom Manor is located on the far end of Frontierland, aka "Thunder Mesa" in Disneyland Paris' lore. 

Here, the story of the Ravenswoods is laid out.  The founder of Thunder Mesa, Henry Ravenswood, built the grandest house in town from the riches he earned while mining Big Thunder Mountain for gold.  His daughter, Melanie, was renown for her beauty, and she eventually fell in love with a train engineer.  On the day of her wedding, though, a mysterious and sinister phantom appeared in the manor, luring Melanie's betrothed to the attic and hanging him.  Her matrimony having never passed, Melanie passed the remainder of her days in the mansion, singing softly throughout the halls, waiting for her fiancé to return. All the while, the Phantom lurks the halls, sinisterly laughing at his evil deeds, shrouding the entire residence within a veil of haunts who he invited to fill the manor.

It's a much darker tale than the 999 Happy Haunts at Disneyland or Disney World, but the execution is fantastic, and the setting really is much spookier than any of its cousins.  Well, that fits perfectly with the vibe of October!

Phantom Manor awaits those brave enough to board this chilling attraction!


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