La Tour de la Terreur

The Halloween-related posts continue with some photos of the Tower of Terror. "But wait a minute, Albert!" you ask with a bit of concern, "Didn't you just post something from the Tower of Terror a couple of days ago?"

The Tower of Terror, but not quite the one in Hollywood Land of Disney California Adventure...

Yes, indeed, I did post a photo from the Tower of Terror on Thursday, but this is not the same Tower of Terror!  I mean... yes, it is the same show building, appearance-wise, and the ride experience is exactly the same as the DCA version, but this Tower of Terror is actually located in France, at the Walt Disney Studios park.

These are vantagepoints that cannot be obtained in Anaheim!
Designed prior to the version in California but opened four years after due to financial problems, this Tower of Terror is also at a slightly different height than its older clone and is constructed of concrete--part several factors that combine to make this the most expensive theme park attraction ever constructed at over 180 million euro!

The ride anchors the Production Courtyard area, prominently visible as guests enter the park.
It's definitely a little odd to see Walt Disney Studios' ToT in its context after so many years of being used to the DCA version.  Both rides were built as crowd pullers to boost attendance at struggling parks, but the Paris version still sits in a park that remains lacking in quality and popularity, at least by Disney standards.  Still, I had an interesting time photographing the unique perspectives of this Tower of Terror, and that ties in to the topsy turvy nature of the Halloween season, right?


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