The Great Mickey Pumpkin

Interestingly enough, I got the idea for the shot below from a similar perspective I took during Christmas time last  year.  The precise angle looking up Main Street, with a Town Square holiday icon in the foreground and Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background, is an interesting one on my telephoto lens because of how the depth compresses, and the castle actually comes into pretty nice detail despite being so far away.  The Mickey pumpkin head is also always so cheerful... it makes for a wonderful subject in the foreground.  '

Of course, to get an almost empty shot, I pretty much had to wait until almost the time when security would kick me out, because there are always guests taking photos in front of the pumpkin, even an hour past park closing.  Patience is a virtue, however, and I think this photo was worth it!

A glimpse up Main Street at night during Halloween Time!


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