A Holiday Good Night

We have come to the last weekend of the holiday season at Disneyland.  The decorations and festivities remain up for another two days, but for most, this marks the end of the winter vacation and a return to reality tomorrow.  So as we bid goodbye to another Christmas and New Year break, I give you a shot of Walt's Apartment, above the Disneyland Fire Station.  It's one of the last sights that guests see as they exit the park, and the warm glow of the eternally lit candle at the apartment window is accented by the cheery Christmas tree set up for the holidays.  It's a symbol of Walt's spirit, which is woven throughout the park.  Winter festivities may have come and gone, but may the essence of the season be with you the entire year!

A Christmas tree adds to the warm glow of Walt's apartment, above the Fire Department in Main Street.


  1. Lovely shot and nice thoughts for the season and for the year.

    How do you get these shots with nobody in them? I have this picture of you running around like mad just before close taking a months worth of pictures. I'm going to the park this week and was going to take maybe six shots from a set position and then stitch together the shots in PShop to erase the people.

    Do tell...

    1. Thanks!!

      I wait till after the park closes. Main Street remains open an hour after park closing, and sometimes you can stay even after that. For the rest of the parks, they don't start sweeping until just after midnight, so if you start from the perimeter and slowly move inward, ahead of the security guards, you can get the empty scenes. :)


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