Discoveryland Charm

The success of Disneyland Paris' version of Tomorrowland, called Discoveryland, hinges on the fact that it's an imagining of a tomorrow that never was.  It's a blend of the future and fantasy, and in that sense, it has become timeless and escape the inevitable fate of the other Tomorrowlands of becoming dated. 

Discoveryland derives from the science fiction mind of Jules Verne.  The Columbiad component of Space Mountain: Mission 2 stems from Vernes' novel, From the Earth to the Moon.  The airship of peeking out of the Videopolis dining building harkens to the dirigible of Robur the Conqueror.  The Nautilus submarine, of course, hails from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  These stories portrayed technological innovations that didn't quite exist at the time the books were published.  There's an element of steampunk here--of a retro-futurism that feels like an alternate universe, but a wondrous one as well.  Because of all these reasons, Discoveryland is my favorite iteration of a Disney themed area devoted to the future.

The shimmering colors of Discoveryland at night glow with a beautifully futuristic sheen.


  1. The dirigible Hyperion is from the Disney film 'The Island at the Top of the World', isn't it?

    1. You're probably right. I was just citing general Jules Vernes imagined creations. =)

    2. You're exactly right! The Hyperion is the star of "Island at the Top of the World." However, at Disneyland Paris it has been given its own story. I've posted about it at my own blog:

      Though invented by Disney, the Hyperion does fit in beautifully with Discoveryland. As Disney park burger places go, Cafe Hyperion is easily my favourite. But then, as a huge fan of Jules Verne, Discoveryland is my favourite "Tomorrowland," and Mysteries of the Nautilus is one of my favourite attractions, and its Space Mountain would be one of my favourite rides if it was still the original "From the Earth to the Moon" theme, and I really wish I could have seen Le Visionarium.

    3. All good things to know! Thanks for the knowledge!


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