Dusk at Adventure Isle

For those familiar with Disneyland Park (which, give this blog's subject matter, should be most of you), imagine Tom Sawyer Island.  Now imagine it bigger, grander, with more caves, more rocks, more vegetation to discover.  Now imagine it in France, and you have Adventure Isle, the center of Disneyland Paris' Adventureland, and an exceptionally fun playground for park guests.  This area doesn't have any actual rides, but it has a host of wandering pathways, mysterious caves, lush vegetation, tropical cascades, and high up perches that afford unique views across the land.  Here is Disneyland at its most naturalistic, and I certainly appreciate this unique feature of the park!

Adventure Isle is aglow at blue hour.


  1. This is a great series on my favourite Disney park after the original Disneyland!

    Adventure Isle is one of my most favourite things at DLP. It's a virtual perfection of the Tom Sawyer's Island idea, and infinitely better than Pirate's Lair's half-hearted attempt. I also love how it is designed to recall older Disney films: Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, and Peter Pan. And then the way it compliments Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan's Flight across the way is fantastic themepark design. Adventure Isle is a great place to get lost!

    Adventureland as a whole is pretty great over in Paris. The only things conspicuous in their absence are the Enchanted Tiki Room and Jungle Cruise (though I understand why the former might not be as culturally relevant and the latter would be difficult to run a place that snows).

    1. I totally agree. Although Adventure Isle lacks any sort of "ride," it fully embraces the spirit of exploration, and the playground it creates is on a massive scale. It's fun to just run around and find things, and there are so many great little components. I also love that the Chicken of the Sea has been recreated in this area!


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