A Critter Country Christmas II

I took this photo last year, but with a rain storm on that particular evening a couple of weeks ago that left the pavement beautifully slick, I couldn't resist the chance to take a second shot at a... well... shot that I was never completely satisfied with.  The result is a testament to how getting a shot right in camera makes things so much easier.

My main issue with my shot last year was that it was too dark and not really vibrant enough.  Though I shot in RAW, I didn't get enough exposure to sufficiently lighten the image in any of the exposures I used and still avoid noise or image degradation.  This time around, I made sure to properly meter and expose, and the result was a much clearer photo that adds that nice wet ground into the equation.

Christmas? Check.
Rainy evening? Check.
Critter Country in more beautiful saturation? Check.

I hope you enjoy!

The entrance to Splash Mountain at the end of a soggier holiday night than usual!


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