Christmas in Venice... in Tokyo

Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo Disney Sea is an amalgamation of various romantic parts of Italy distilled into one magnificent entry area.  The bulk of the land has the feel of Portofino, of the Italian Riviera.  But just to the left, on a little inlet before guests reach American Waterfront, there is a little canal area that harkens to mind the riverways of Venice.  This area is my favorite part of Mediterranean Harbor, because it is the most richly immersive.  The scale, proportions, and urban space really make the area feel like the real deal, and it brought back warm memories of my post-college graduation trip to Italy that included a sojourn to Venice.

During the holidays, this area is decorated in lavish wreaths that exude an ornate, Renaissance feel.  The theming doesn't really overwhelm the architecture, though, since it's so absolutely rich.  But it adds a nice, festive touch to the atmosphere nonetheless!

A wreath on a lamppost imparts holiday atmosphere at Mediterranean harbor.
A look at the waterway, standing from the main bridge.
Looking more centered.

And right, to the lavish Ristorante di Canaletto, one of the finest restaurants in the park!

Ristorante di Canaletto is a fancy sit-down restaurant featuring exquisite Italian food.


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