Main Street Merriment

Main Street after midnight: the most peaceful and photogenic of all the lands at Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom, and during the holidays, the most nostalgic and magical.  The empty avenue is a stark contrast to the rest of the day during the holidays at the Disneyland Resort.  The hustle and bustle of people are gone.  The neck to neck crowds are a memory.  It is just a few lingering guests, the Disneyland security guards, and the park in all its noel splendor.

Is it any wonder that I (and other Disneyland photogs) never tire of shooting this?  It's one last glimpse of the park before the night ends... one last moment to revel in the wonder.  One last moment--for multiple moments, because we photographers always love to stay as late as we can, to get that perfect empty park shot.  But hey, it's worth it!

Main Street is full of holiday splendor during this time of the year.

The 60th Anniversary Celebration has seen the removal of the traditional overhead garlands across the roofs of Main Street.

I rather prefer this open air feel!

Market House is adorned with holiday decorations.

They're a bit different from prior years, bringing about a subtle freshness to Main Street.
The Main Street Flower Market is back this holiday season!

The beautiful and towering Main Street Christmas tree stands prominently too.

Retreating back to the Penny Arcade...

And finally, to Town Square, where a small Christmas tree sits in Walt's Apartment.

And finally, the Main Street Opera House glimmers at the end of the night.


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