Christmas at the Castle

Merry Christmas!  I've been posting a spree of HDR Christmas photos lately, and it comes to a head with today's image of--what else--the Disneyland Castle, glistening in the Christmas night.  This year, the Castle has had minimal alterations for the holidays on account of it already being pretty elaborate for the 60th Anniversary.  So instead of snowcapped roofs and icicle drapes, Sleeping Beauty Castle has received a modest wreath over the 60th Anniversary medallion plus some ornaments draped over the lamppost banners.

The more minimal decorations actually seems more attractive to me.  I've always through that the Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle was a little on the gaudy side, though it certainly was breathtakingly spectacular.  But I like the classic look of this year's holiday castle.  It's elegant and stands on its own merits, rather than rely on a bunch of ornamentation "make-up." 

To those who have been with the blog since our first Christmas four years ago, thank you for sticking along for the ride.  And to those who've discovered Disney Photoblography more recently, welcome, and thanks for being here.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas holiday!

The 60th Anniversary Castle sparkles in the holiday night!

Walt and Mickey in front of the holiday castle.


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