The 60th Christmas

For 60 years, Disneyland Park has been getting dressed up for the holidays.  It's a warm and lovely sight that has evolved in various styles over the years, but it has always resonated that magical Christmas spirit that sparks our childlike wonder and reminds us of the good and beauty in this world.  This year, the Christmas decorations have been adjusted around the Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration.  The castle is not its usual icicle-covered snow castle self, while the overhead garlands on Main Street have been removed to accommodate the Paint the Night Parade.  But it's still beautiful, and there has even been additional lights draped around shrubbery around The Hub to add to the sparking sense of winter wonderland. 

Yes, Disneyland has seen a lot of Christmases come past.  But they never cease being beautiful.

Walt and Mickey look on in front of the 60th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Walt and Mickey gaze down Main Street at the end of the night.


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