A Hong Kong Main Street Christmas

We continue our international Christmas tour with a stop back at Hong Kong Disneyland, where we look at Main Street during Christmas time.

I've mentioned how Hong Kong Disneyland has a mix of familiarity and foreignness.  Here are more examples.  At Hong Kong Disneyland, the elements that match Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom are there, but they're just a bit different.  Sure, there's Town Square, with City Hall to the left and the Opera House on the right, but the Opera House is home to the Art of Animation, not Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.  And where there is the Main Street Magic Store and Disney Showcase at the Happiest Place on Earth, a photo store resides in Hong Kong.

And above all else, Hong Kong Disneyland is a lot quieter than California's--during the offseason at least.  When I went last month, I was shocked at how empty the park was upon arrival.  The photos below tell the story.  Those used to the packed nature of Disneyland California will be blown away at the complete opposite in Hong Kong.  I'm able to get complete empty daytime shots at moments, which is darn near impossible at the original Magic Kingdom!  It's pretty cool, though, I'll admit!

The Art of Animation building is a little different in Hong Kong!

The photo store is at the start of Main Street, not the end.

City Hall is generally the same, though it's a lot more perfect than Disneyland. The facades and fabrication is flawless.

And maybe too flawless--it gives Hong Kong Disneyland a toy-like sheen, versus the more realistic character of original Disneyland.

Looking up a very quiet Main Street U.S.A.


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