Observatron to Hyperspace

There are so many cool angles of the newly lit up Observatron fixture atop what used to be the Peoplemove loading platform.  Last Thursday, I visited the park to capture a few of them.  Now, this proved to be trickier than expected, because all my shots were located somewhere near Space Mountain, and with its Hyperspace Mountain overlay, it's been incredibly popular.  On Thursday, the park closed with Space still having a 45 minute wait, which meant that people were still strolling through my shots well after Disneyland had ended its normal operating hours.  And sure, the motion through a long exposure typically wasn't too visible, but sometimes it was, and other times, I just wanted to be perfectionistic.  In any case, here's an interesting view of new Star Wars-imbued Tomorrowland.  Hope you enjoy!

The glowing light icon that is the Observatron, juxtaposed against Hyperspace Mountain in the background.


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