Happy Year of the Dog!

Happy Lunar New Year, folks! Today is the first day of the Year of the Dog on the lunar calendar, and it marks a day of festivities among the Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese cultures that celebrate it.  Those born in the year of the dog are said to be honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, and smart--kind of like man's best friend! 

Over at Disney California Adventure, the turn of this year's Chinese zodiac means that Pluto has been receiving plenty of fanfare, as it is his year!  He's been emblazoned all over the Lunar New Year Celebration around Paradise Park, and he couldn't seem happier!  Here's wishing Pluto and all of you a prosperous and joyous Year of the Dog!

It's the Year of the Dog!
And that means it's the year of Pluto.
He sure looks ecstatic about the upcoming year, doesn't he?


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