Symphony in Bloom

I mentioned a couple of days ago that The Hub is center focus during the late winter and early spring, when the tabebuia trees bloom.  But that's not the only place where that occurs.  Way back in Mickey's Toontown, there's a tabebuia in front of Minnie's House too, and last week, that's where I headed to grab a few shots that were not obstructed by work walls (The Hub was still surrounded by construction walls last last Friday).  I wasn't late enough to photograph Toontown without anyway, especially since it's open late these days while the park goes without fireworks until April.  But I nabbed a few long exposures anyway, including this shot of Mickey Mouse conducting a symphony of fountains.  It's a quaint scene, and the blooming pink tabebuia blossoms give an extra special feel!

The Toon Town Fountain in front of a spring blossom over by Minnie's House.


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