Lunar New Year Foodstivities II

The Lunar New Year Marketplace is back this year with California Adventure's Lunar New Year Celebration, and that means the specialty food booths are back.  We covered these last year, and a lot of the offerings this year are the same as last year.  In fact, the Vietnam booth has exactly the same dishes, while China and Korea have the same offerings with one or two variations at most.  The Paradise Garden Grill also has the same menu as last year, plus a Vietnamese sandwich.  I've tried a few of these and had some of last year's favorites, and here are a few photos of what I've had!

The Korea food stand features Kimchi Fried Rice and Dumplings again. Both are quite tasty.
The Dumplings remain the most flavorful offering, especially in its garlic soy vinaigrette dipping sauce.
At the Garden Grill, the Galbi remains the tastiest dish on the menu.  This year sees the addition of a Banh Mi sandwich, but at $12.99, it's literally 3 to 4 times the price I can get an authentic Banh Mi at a Vietnamese sandwich shop in Little Saigon.
The China booth's SanBeiJi, or "Three Cup Chicken," is very flavorful, though a bit too salty.
The China booth also has a Passion Fruit Green Iced Tea with lychee popping pearls, which was sweet and delicious and refreshing.  The pearls had a great, crisp pop to them!


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