The Future of the Past

Tokyo Disneyland is often considered a Disney relic trapped in time.  Opened in 1983, much of the park still looks the same as when it first opened, with a familiar 80s Walt Disney World vibe, but with fresh coats of paint everywhere and crisp, well-maintained conditions.  Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than at Tomorrowland--particularly the blue building facing The Hub, where the geometry, patterning, and form of the facade ironically suggests a lot of classic, almost mid-century design for a land that's supposed to be looking forward to the future.  But there's charm in this--an appreciation for the ideas and design of a bygone era, a reminder of the look of futurism several decades ago.  It's a sort of nostalgia that's powerful enough to practically push the look around the dial and turn it timeless, which then truly makes it deserving of a "style of tomorrow."  After all, something futuristic should defy the qualifications of time, shouldn't it?

Cinderella Castle stands beyond Tomorrowland.
The Hub-facing facade of the Tomorrowland buildings has a groovy, blue, retro aesthetic.
Looking back toward the World Bazaar.


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