A Westernland Sunset

Disney and dramatic sunsets don't often mix for me.  It's a matter of timing and luck, and mine is usually poor for the convergence of the two, despite having held an annual pass for the past nearly fifteen years (minus COVID).  That's why it was all the more special that I had multiple dramatic sunset days during the two times I've visited the Tokyo Disney Resort!  Perhaps it's the photography gods smiliing on me, but being able to capture suspenseful skies at the most pristine Disney resort of them all was an amazing blessing, making the marvelous trips even more wonderful.  Here is a scene from my most recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland, which is now nearly five years ago.  The peaceful rivers of Westernland make for a romantic scene, especially with the Mark Twain and Splash Mountain featured in the scene.  And if you haven't guessed, yup, I most certainly wish I could go back!  

A fiery sunset over Westernland caps off a lovely day at Tokyo Disneyland.


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