Avengers Campus Moneyshot

I'm behind on the times with my Avengers Campus photos, so today's picture is something that people have doubtless seen already from many other talented Disney theme park fan photographers who camp out late after the park has closed and wait for guests to clear in order to get the perfect empty park shot that they envision.  When it comes to Avengers Campus, this is the obvious frame to nab for any first time visitor.  The large plaza stands as the crossroads of the Marvel-themed land, a hub to paths leading to Hollywood Land, Cars Land, and back out toward the main pathway to Pacific Wharf.  The concrete work along the ground serves as a subject as much as the Avengers headquarter building and the Guardians of the Galaxy beyond, marking the distinct "Avengers A" logo.  It's an epic scene for Disney California Adventure's latest addition, and it's especially gorgeous at night!

Avengers Campus stands empty after a whirlwind day of superhero training activities.


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