Fall Dapper Day 2021

Yesterday was the return of something that hasn't happened for two years: Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort!  Because Disneyland and Disney California Adventure were closed from March of last year through the spring of this year, negating Spring Dapper Day 2020 and 2021 and Fall Dapper Day 2020, the most recent event occured in fall of 2019, when the world as we knew it was much different.

Yesterday, then, was a return to some semblance of normal.  Though there were a lot less dressed up guests than I expected--a product of Disney's Magic Key annual passes being booked up full two months in advance these days--there were still plenty of guests in their Sunday best or their most creative Disney Bounding outfits.  For me, Dapper Day was a chance to catch up with Disney friends I hadn't seen in as much as two years.  As such, I didn't really spend too much time stopping strangers with awesome outfits for photos.  Instead, I focused mostly on spending time with and snapping some photos of my friends, plus a few guests who happened to be conveniently amenable to having their photo taken.

I guess it takes a bit of repetition to get back into the comfort level of just stopping people out of the blue.  But I did have a fantastic time catching up with Disney pals, and here are some of the Dapper Day photos that I snapped throughout the unusually warm November day!

My friend, Todd, and his wife pose with the always-amazing / adorable / awesome Cosplay Parents.

Millie and Steve are total couples goals and were out in their very familiar and famous Up Disney Bounds.

Todd and his wife were dressed in their dapper finest, per their usual.

Of course, Todd also had one of his antique but functional cameras with him.

Cosplay Parents were also spotted by some friends doing a great Coco Disney Bound.

This Tiana and Pocahontas pair were glamorous and gorgeous in their Dapper Day Disney Bounds.

In the early evening, I managed to find the Disney Muses and our friend, Chris, aka Happiest Dentist.

These two Charlie and the Chocolate Factory guests were absolutely fantastic with their garb and accessories!

Lastly, a dapper Wendy and Peter pose with a friend near the end of the evening.


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