A Harbour Galley Dinner

I haven't done a food post in a while, but last Friday, I had a chance to try something I'd seen on Disneyland's daily Twitter feed--a new item on the menu over at Harbour Galley, a little food stand in Critter Country right next to Fowler's Inn, where the S.S. Columbia docks.  As part of the Resort's recent push to improve the quality and variety of its food offerings, Harbour Galley's menu has been updated with several stuffed baked potatoes as well as a Lobster Roll sandwich, served with a side of seasoned chips. 

This delicious Lobster Roll can be found in Harbour Galley's new menu.
Although I've been very impressed with Disneyland's food improvements over the past few years, I was still slightly skeptical heading in. After all, lobster is a gourmet food item, and offering it as a quick serve, mass-produced fare might mean taking cuts on quality. Fortunately, any worries were for naught, because the sandwich was delicious. The bread was lightly toasted to give a bit of a warm, buttery crunch, and the lobster meat was hearty and plentiful.  I found the creamy mix to be light and refreshing, with hints of dill and chives providing a verdant savoriness.  The chips were rather salty--in fact, too salty for my ideal preference, but that didn't stop me from devouring all of them.  All in all, despite the $13.99 (as of this writing) price, which is among the higher quick serve prices in the park, I will definitely be stopping by again to try this dish in the future.

The Columbia is docked next door at Fowler's Inn.
Oh, and as I was waiting for my food, I decided to take a night shot of Fowler's Inn.  The Columbia is currently under refurbishment, as part of its yearly maintenance schedule, which provides a rare chance to see the ship docked and up close at night.


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