Falls in the Distance

The grandeur of Cars Land is the incredibly believable natural majesty that unfolds through certain angles and viewpoints around Ornament Valley--sights that could conceivably be found in a real national park or monument (if it wasn't for the Disney-content giveaways).  Wide angle shots capture the sweeping beauty of this area, but my recent exploration of shots using my telephone zoom lens has allowed me to hone in on details that give an even more plausible alternate reality. 

Take this shot of firewall falls, photographed partly through the tress, with brilliant Disney Forced perspective reinforced by the compressed depth of field of the telephoto zoom.  Suddenly, the scale very well could be a natural wonder to found in the great Southwest.  These little visual moments keep me excited every time I walk though a park at the Disneyland Resort, and they're a part of what makes Disney parks so magical.

A close-up of Firewall Falls in the splendor of Ornament Valley.


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