Reaching Through the Other Side

I've been going to Disneyland for pretty much all my life, but I never realized that there was a little passageway at the Haunted Mansion line that led from the front entry facade over to the exit.  But as a cast member was locking up the gates last Saturday night, with my friend and I still within the gates and having no intention to ride (because we had just ridden a few minutes ago), I found myself needing a way out, since the front was closed. The CM kindly pointed out that there was a path to the right of the steps, and that's how I found myself looking at the mansion from this side, an angle I don't see as regularly on photos posted online.  'What a neat view!' I thought to myself.  With the hearse in the foreground, I thought it made for an even more interesting scene than the usual queue-side shot.  What do you think?

A few of the Haunted Mansion from opposite the usual angle.


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