Pulling into Station

Several times in my past few visits to Disneyland, I've entered the gates of Disneyland right at golden hour, to find those beautiful warm rays of low sunshine beaming onto the festive floral Mickey and the grand Main Street train station.  It's a lovely sight--one of the best ways Disneyland can greet a guest when it's not the beginning of the day. Unfortunately from the photographic sense, there are always guests scattered around the entry plaza, so overview photos are hard to come buy.  However, this forces improvisation, so I found myself realizing that if I wanted a clear angle of the station, I would have to get closer. And though this would reduce the area of railroad facade I could capture in an exposure, it made for a more dynamic photo when paired with a wide angle.  With help from Mother Nature's perfect lighting, that resulted in the photo below.

The Disneyland Railroad arrives at Main Street Station on a sunny afternoon.


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