A Golden Afternoon at New Orleans Square Station

I've made it to the Disneyland Resort too late for daytime photos most of the time recently, but last summer, when the days were longer, it was definitely easier to capture daytime shots, and while rummaging through my queue, I found these nice golden hour scenes from New Orleans Square Station.  I love capturing the blissful feel of the setting sun, lighting everything with a warm, radiant glow.  This is the most beautiful moment of the day, and it is fleeting.  So to have it preserved in photographic form carries a sense of reward. 

Hopefully, you can gaze into these scenes and be swept into the atmosphere and charm of such a magnificent afternoon at the Happiest Place on Earth!

All is golden as guests step toward the depot in New Orleans Square.

Shooting into the sun (and properly accounting the exposure) makes for a lovely scene.

Guests wait for the next train at New Orleans Square Station.


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