Setting the River Ablaze

Consider this a "FANTASMIC! Friday" of sorts... last week, I was hanging out at Disneyland with some fellow photographer friends.  We had gotten off Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and FANTASMIC! had begun several minutes prior at the nearby Rivers of America.  So we headed back to the little seating area next to Frontier Landing to meet up with the rest of the group and enjoy the show.

Maleficent in dragon form appears silhouetted against the blue spotlight.
I've never actually watched FANTASMIC! from this angle, and most of the show ends up being obscured, but it provided a unique angle to do a little bit of photography, and when Murphy (Maleficent to normal fans of the show, but Disney enthusiasts often refer to the dragon as "Murphy," after "Murphy's Law," because when it first debuted several years ago, it was plagued with malfunctions and mechanical issues) arose in all her fury, I saw a chance to get the fire breathing from a unique vantage point.

And then comes the burst of flame!
Even though the composition was obscured by the trees and buildings of Tom Sawyer Island, I thought the results were interesting.  So I present them here to you!

This climactic part of the show is always amazing to watch.

Apparently, water can burn!


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