A New Year in Spotlight

Last year at about this time, I was spending my time as one of the first guests of the Disneyland Resort of the new year.  After watching the World of Color countdown and New Year's tag and then the World of Color: Winter Dreams show, my friends and I made our way over to Disneyland park to spend the last operating hour there.  By then, most people were heading out, having exhibited their revelry and excitement. But the park was still basked in its new year's glow, and my eyes lit up when I saw Sleeping Beauty Castle lit up in spotlights.  It's a rare occasion to be able to capture this, so I definitely took shots around the Hub. 

In the absence of being able to provide you with New Year's 2015 from the Disneyland Resort this year, I give you a shot from 2014, but with the same wish: a prosperous and happy and healthy new year, and the thanks for continuing to visit the blog and interacting with me on social media. 


Walt and Mickey gazing on the turn of a new year.


  1. Great shot, there. I've been checking your pages for a few weeks and it's all great stuff. I've got a bunch of questions and compliments but for now let me say, Happy Twenty-Fifteen!

    1. Thank you very much for the compliments, Patrick! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. As for questions, feel free to shoot an email or reply to a post. =) Happy new year to you!


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