Sunburst over Town Square

When I harp so much about the sunsets in Southern California, it's not to actually complain. Goodness knows that our weather is definitely pretty awesome, most of the time.  But observationally, we just don't get as many dramatic sunsets compared to many other places.  And when I say many other places, I'm mostly drawing from my travels--especially in Europe.  Having been fortunate enough to have studied abroad there and returned for many trips, scenes like the spectacular sunset below just seem more common in the old country than on this part of the west coast of the new world.  But I hope you understand why I'm obsessed with capturing dramatic ends of the day.  When you witness a sight like this, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by a feeling of both awe and tranquility.  It's a lovely view, indeed.

An incredible burst of sun rays resonates strikes out of a gorgeous French sunset.


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