Through the Grizzly Woods

I must be in a naturalistic mood... this is the second of three photos this week that will have a sort of wilderness theme to them.

As much as Disney design is sometimes derided as being "fake," there are definitely real elements to everything, especially on the landscaping front.  While the rockwork and flume of Grizzly River Run may not be an actual carved river, the lush vegetation that surrounds the area is, and it carves a wonderful forested space that is enveloping and welcoming.  If I hadn't just passed through an old airfield or the Bay Area prior to passing through Grizzly Peak, I very well might believe that I had been transported to the pristine Sierra Nevadas.  But since I can't visit such mountains regularly, I make do with this very pretty and nicely convincing substitute!

Peering through the forest for a look at Grizzly River Run.


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