Entering the Hyperion Cafe

I'm going on vacation this week, and I figured it was high time I get my butt back to editing photos from my vacation last year, a trip that included an excursion to Disneyland Paris.  So here's a photo from Discoveryland.  Expect many more Disneyland Paris photos this month--as well as photos from my upcoming trip (hint: Disney will obviously be involved).

The Hyperion Cafe has a most striking entrance facade.
At Disneyland Paris, Discoveryland easily stands as my favorite iteration of the Tomorrowlands of the Magic Kingdoms.  It's retro-futuristic style ensures a timelessness that has often been missing from other Tomorrowlands, and the scale and scope of Discoveryland is pretty impressive.  How many restaurants on Disney property have a freaking airship sticking out of their entrances?  I can't say I know of many, which is part of what makes the Hyperion Cafe quick serve area very cool.  It's a hangar bay in an imaginary city of the future, AND it offers burgers and American style fast food fare.  Pretty neat!


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