Painting on a Different Continent

Notice anything "off" about this photo?  It's a snapshot of the Paint the Night parade, yes, but the composition of the images isn't exactly something that is possible at Disneyland.  Sure, there's the Tinker Bell float, and the lit up dancers, and Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background, but wait a minute, the parade doesn't ever actually pass in front of the castle in Anaheim!

No, this is not a Photoshop.  Instead, it's a picture of the Paint the Night parade from Hong Kong Disneyland.  In fact, Paint the Night originated here before it came to Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom earlier this year.  The Hong Kong version is shorter than ours, and with the exception of a few character costumes, contains everything that ours does.  But that it lacks is this amazing photo op that allows photos of the floats directly in front of the castle.

I actually kind of just lucked into this shot when I visted Hong Kong Disneyland two weeks ago.  Thanks to the low crowds that day (an incredible sight for a Southern California native like me used to crowds constantly at the Disneyland Resort), I was able to pop into this area along the parade route just minutes before the parade began, and with my telephoto lens, over seated guests, I was able to capture some great and unobstructed images of this parade.  Expect more photos in the future, of course, but for now, may this photo below whet your appetite!

Paint the Night at Hong Kong Disneyland features a unique backdrop during one portion of the parade route.


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