Mysterious Island

I recently went on a vacation to Asia and came back with a loaded trove of photos from both the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort as well as the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.  This trip represented the accomplishment of a bucket list item I've had for a long time--to visit every single Disney theme park around the world.  That bucket list item has now been achieved--until Shanghai Disneyland opens next year, anyway.  But for the next while, expect a barrage of Asia Disney park photos.

We'll start this off with an image from Mysterious Island, the centerpiece of Tokyo Disney Sea, a park opened in 2001 nautically themed to seven ports of call.  It's not a water park; it's a park about water.  And Mysterious Island may be the most dramatic.  Marked by the towering "weenie" (Disney term for iconic monument in a park that draws guests' attention) of Mount Prometheus, an actual erupting volcano (well, not real volcano, but you know...), this fictional locale is themed to the explorations of Jules Verne.  Housing two of the best Disney rides anywhere--Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea--it is an incredible, immersive, detail rich land unlike any other.

Below, inside the area, you can see a queue spiralling down to 20,000 Leagues on the left, the dominant figure of Mount Prometheus in the background, and a prop submarine, the Nautilus on the right, which serves purely as a theming element for the Nautilus Galley quick serve.  It's an epic scene that only gets better as guests explore the details and up close theming elements that are everywhere.  I'll rave more about Disney Sea in future posts, but for now, enjoy this image.

The dramatic and moody Mysterious Island glows with intrigue at night!


  1. Excellent photo of my favourite land in any Disney park! I'm a huge fan of Jules Verne and 20,000 Leagues, so being there was a dream come true. 20K and Journey to the Center of the Earth are also tied for my favourite attraction in any Disney park.

    1. Thanks! Journey and 20,000 are in my top five (Mystic Manor is actually #1 by a slim margin), but Mysterious Island is probably the most epic land Disney has ever built!


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