Scenes Along the River

As I mentioned last week, with the upcoming Star Wars Land expansion, the Rivers of America will be irreversibly altered, changing a piece of the original Disneyland Park fabric.  Now, this isn't the atrocity that some may claim it is.  The change affects primarily the back half of the river, will not substantially shorten an excursion around the waters, and shouldn't change the experience on Tom Sawyer Island.  But it will be something different.

So with that thought, lets take a look at some of the sights that can currently be found along the Rivers of America!

An old keel boat harkens back to the days when such vessels traversed the Rivers of America.

A friendly Native American brave greets cruisers as they approach an Indian village.

A young Native American waits for a bite along the Rivers of America.

Young tribesmen listen to an elder narrate a piece of Native American lore.

Moose and other "wildlife" are spotted along the second half of the river, on the return to Frontier Landing.


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