Sinister Spirits at the Manor

It's Friday the 13th again (the third such occurrence this year--a rare event!), and on this traditionally superstitious day associated with less than fortunate events, I thought it would be appropriate to feature some photos inside Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris' spooky and sinister take on the Haunted Mansion series.  This is my favorite version, primarily because it is darker than its cousins around the world.  Although there are many similarities to the other Haunted Mansions, Phantom Manor carries a more sinister backstory and a more macabre ambiance via the turn into Phantom Canyon.  And I love all of it!

This is a much less sympathetic canine than the original Haunted Mansion's dog.

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion features a corpse trapped in comical misfortune.  Disneyland Paris' seems to be trying to escape with more malicious intentions!

The scenes are a little gorier here than at the other Haunted Mansions.

But then again, other elements remain similar to the attraction series.


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