Dumbo the Flying Elephant

At Shanghai Disneyland, the Gardens of Imagination has the distinction of being the first Disney Magic Kingdom park hub to actually have attractions.  Whereas in the other Magic Kingdom parks, The Hub is simply where the lands meet at the spoke of a wheel, in Shanghai, the Gardens of Imagination are a themed land in and of itself.  With peaceful ponds, a park-like terrace, a promenade celebrating the Chinese zodiac, and a few attractions, this is one unique center of the park. 

One of the rides in the Gardens of Imagination is Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  Normally, this attraction would be found inside Fantasyland.  At Shanghai, it's in front of the castle, off to the left.  This unique setting allows different perspectives than other parks, with the front side of the castle in view instead of the usual opposite.  Just one of the interesting tidbits about this park that is "authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese."


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