Spires Galore

It would make for a bit of a challenging game to count how many rooftop spires are in this photo, because there are quite a lot.  From the whimsical exterior of Sleeping Beauty's Castle to the Fantasyland building facades near and far to the Disneyland Paris Hotel in the background, there are plenty of cylindrical pitched roofs that abound.  But I love how whimsical this focused scene ends up, because of all the rooftops.  The Fantasyland of Disneyland Paris has to be incredibly storybook because there are real life chateaus and palaces in this very country.  Otherwise, the local demographic would probably look at it, shrug, and say, "Meh, we have it better over there." In my opinion, this succeeds wonderfully.  And I don't get tired of these views.

A cornucopia of rooftops mark the skyline of Fantasyland and Disneyland Paris.


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