Rain Drops Keep Falling on Main Street

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you may recall two recurring complaints I have related to missed photographic opportunities at Disneyland: catching dramatic sunsets and being at the park during rainy nights.  Well, given the recurring precipitation that's been falling upon Southern California, I might be able to cross the second off my list.  Last Friday marked the second time in the past few weeks that I've been able to take photos in the parks while the nighttime streets were covered in a shimmering coat of rain, and I'm very pleased with the opportunities. 

You'll be seeing more photos in the upcoming weeks and months.  The batch below, however, represents early evening shots I took on Friday, while the parks were still relatively busy, and I just didn't feel inclined to whip out my tripod to take multiple exposures to get the images properly lit.  As a result, the highlights are a little bright, but I like the dynamic nature the passing guests bring to these scenes.  The stroll through Main Street on a cool, rainy evening is quite a romantic one, and these scenes capture some of that essence.

Guests walk past the Penny Arcade in the evening rain.

A similar scene over by the Main Street Emporium, with a slightly longer shutter speed for more capture of movement.

Town Square glistens under the evening drizzle.
The water brings unique reflections and great photo opportunities.

All of these photos were taken free-hand, without the aid of a tripod.

As a result, I had to go "Tokyo Style" and find a railing, pole, or trashcan to brace the camera for the longer exposure.


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