The Fanciful Manor of Henry Mystic

Lord Henry Mystic may be a noble and esteemed collector of various artifacts and art pieces around the world (the right way, unlike his unscrupulous Society of Explorers and Adventurers brother, Harrison Hightower), but his architecture style is simply all over the place.  Just look at his home, Mystic Manor.  At first, it seems like a Victorian Mansion, but that's the base model.  There's a Russian-looking dome, plus two other spires of hodgepodge style.  The colors are all across the spectrom, from yellowish light tans to coral greens to regal blues and purples.  Beside the entrance, an almost fully circular archway suggests Asian influences.  Palm trees all around accent the building's influence--the now-torn-down Bradbury Mansion in Downtown Los Angeles' Bunker Hill.  It's all quite strange and fascinating and beautiful at the same time, which might be about the perfect way to describe Mystic Manor as a whole!

The eclectic and whimsical front facade of Mystic Manor.


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