Cindy's House

The title of today's blog post may be a little glib, but it does accurate describe the subject of the photo below.  At Tokyo Disneyland, just as at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, the tower castle belongs to Cinderella, or "Cindy for short," if you're cool and in her inner circle.  Tokyo's even has a walk-through that takes guests through many different chambers in Cinderella's Castle, making something like Disneyland California's walk-through meager in comparison.  The result is a very immersive and interactive architectural icon, with soaring spires and elegant stonework and fanciful ornamentation.  Guess Cindy certainly hit it big after finding the man of her dreams.  How'd you like to live in a house like this?

Tokyo's Cinderlla Castle towers in front of The Hub at Tokyo Disneyland.


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