Sunset Over the Lighthouse II

The photography gods were with me during my first-ever visit to the Tokyo Disney Resort in 2015.  Although the weather had been crummy during most of my time in Tokyo, it cleared up and provided blue skies on my first day at the Resort, at Tokyo Disneyland.  Though my second day, spent at Tokyo Disney Sea, was gray and mostly dreary, the third day provided a nice mix of sun and clouds, culminating in a beautiful sunset.  I chased the light all the way to the American Waterfront, where I found a magnificent scene over at the Cape Cod area.  This sunset was like a dream... a addictively tranquil setting backed by dramatic skies and fiery colors.  It was the only sunset day I got, but one out of three is pretty darn good.  Even now ,just looking at the photo brings back exciting memories of what a wondrous experience that afternoon became!

The sun sets over the Cape Cod area of Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront, providing a dramatic end to the day.


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