Stars Over Mount Prometheus

In a park full of iconic moments and atmospheric views and incredible environments, Tokyo Disney Sea's Mysterious Island takes the cake for the most inventive and fantastical and incredible theme park land.  It is unique among all Disney themed lands, with perhaps the Jules Verne-inspired steampunk-esque architecture (also stylized in Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland) the closest thing to a link between this place and something at a different park.  No other Disney park land can claim having a volcano, though.  And the mix of geology and science fiction and organic architecture is not found in any other Disney park.

And in this wondrous caldera, after night falls, with all its vibrant color and technology, the fact that the stars can be seen high above adds an extra layer of mystique.  If this is some isolated outpost, the stars seem very appropriate.  And the stellar feeling associated with the cosmos fits very well with the awe that Mysterious Island conveys.  They both seem ethereal.

The midnight still of Mysterious Island inspires wonder.


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