The Exotic Manor

12 parks and 6 resorts later, Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland remains my overall #1 favorite Disney attraction.  I've mused about this before.  Mystic Manor combines impressive trackless technology, a fully immersive atmosphere, wondrous effects, an enchanting soundtrack, an adorable protagonist, an original storyline, and a whimsical spirit of adventure that imparts upon adults the same feeling of breathless wonder that they first experienced at Disney parks as children.  In short, it reignites the child in all of us and makes everything magical again.

The exterior is a particular curious feature... or should I say, features.  The architecture of the house is all over the place, with an eclectic mix of styles from all around the world combined together to reflect Lord Henry Mystic's diverse interests and collection of artifacts.  The facades, in effect, preview what can be found inside.  And set among a lush surrounding of tropical greenery that makes it look out of place from a practical eye but strangely appropriate from a more imaginative gaze, the Manor is a beautiful and iconic sight for all who pass through Mystic Point! 


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