The Winding Outpost

Well, in retrospect, when I posted a photo from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge a couple of weeks ago, I could have chosen something other than Merchant Row, because for my trio "theme" this week, Merchant Row fulfills the motif of "winding alleyway themed land in a Disney theme park."  This is similar to the space and environment that New Orleans Square and Tokyo Disney Sea's Arabian Coast evoke, and it's an absolutely wonderful use of architecture and design to craft something incredibly immersive and explorational.  Add to it the beautiful, Marrakesh-inspired lamps, the stone building material that feels a bit Tatooine-ish, and the tranquilly contrasting deep blue of the nighttime sky, and you have a pretty romantic and transportive setting!

Looking up at the "ceiling" of Merchant Row reveals a plethora of beautiful details and fixtures in this "Space Morocco" that is Black Spire Outpost.


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